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We have good quality mobile and PC dialer's calling card and reseller panel, We have nine more Mobile dialer-TATA Voiz (Gplex dialer), New Voiz (Hellobyte dialer), Today Voiz (Cool dialer), Today dialer ( Itel mobile dialer), Dial Phone (Mosip dialer) and Dialer Plus ( Itel mobile dialer plus) and One PC dialer. If you need quality voice service mobile dialer calling card, please contact with us. First test our dialer voice quality then buy.

Dialer download link : You can use all dialer in one account

1. Today Dialer :: ( Itel mobile Hybrid Dialer )
    Operator Code: 39416
(For Android, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony Ericssion, Lg, Motorola and iphone, ipad)
Search itel mobile Hybrid dialer  from app store for apple/ipadSearch itel mobile Hybrid dialer from google play store/market for android

2. New Voiz :: ( Hellobyte Dialer )
    Operator Code: 23456
New Version:
Old Version

3. Tata Voiz :: ( Gplex Dialer )
    Band pin: 7019
(For Nokia, Android, Samsung Galaxy and symbian oparating)

New Version:
New Version For Android:
Old Version :
4. Today Dialer  :: ( Itel  Mobile Dialer Express)
    Operator Code: 39416
(For Nokia, iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung Galaxy ) (UAE Etisalat) (UAE due Network) (Oman)

Search itel mobile dialer express from app store for apple/ipad
Search itel mobile dialer express from google play store/market for android

5. Today Voiz :: ( cool Dialer )
    Operator Code: 23456

6. Dialer Plus :: ( Itel Mobile Dialer plus )
    Operator Code: 39416

7. Dial Phone :: ( Mosip Dialer)
    Operator Code: 6070
(For Android, Samsung Galaxy )

Google play store/Market search mosip
Click : Download

8. Web dialer

9. Pc dialer:

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